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I have had a lifelong interest in health, likely because I was a very sickly child who wanted to be active. In my infancy, I was plagued with earaches. My earaches were so bad, and I was so young, that I did not have the muscle control to do anything but rock my head for comfort so I could sleep, and continued this habit as a child. As an older child, I lived with frequent bronchitis and constant allergies. My mother always knew when I was awake because she heard the “honking” of me blowing my nose. One of the most painful experiences of my childhood was at 7 years old, coming home from the hospital after a double inguinal hernia repair. While at the hospital, I contracted bronchitis. For a month, I had a constant urge to cough, but the coughs created excruciating pain in my hernia incisions. This pain was a gift that told me, “There has to be a better way.”

In spite of my recurring respiratory illnesses, I was a very active child, whether playing with friends, my wild three older brothers and three younger sisters, or in organized sports throughout the year.  As a teenager, one of my brothers brought home a health magazine and I began studying health-supporting foods and supplements. With my hard-earned lawn mowing earnings I bought my own supplements, and ate the healthiest foods in the house. With these simple changes, my respiratory issues almost disappeared. I continued to study natural remedies ever since.

I earned a degree in Ethnomusicology from the University of Hawaii where I had a strong interest in how music was used in healing rituals throughout the world. While in college I often suffered debilitating back pain, and was bedridden on ice for a few days several times a year. The source of this pain would later be diagnosed as retrolisthesis.

My first acupressure session was in 1984 as a college student. I had no idea what my friend practiced, only that it was a natural healing art. She was a grandmother and looked very vibrant for her age, so I made an appointment mostly out of curiosity. She had me lie down on her cot, and felt my wrist pulses. From listening to my pulses, she knew to hold points on my lower back. The experience is difficult to describe, but it was much like a river of sound washing above, below and through my lower back.  I left the session with a very deep sense of well-being. I found my low back pain markedly improved, my concentration during classes deeper, and I felt calmer.

A few years later, I had x-rays taken by a chiropractor.  As the two chiropractors looked at the x-ray film clearly showing my newly-diagnosed retrolisthesis, they both looked back at me with a little surprise on their faces with one stating “I am surprised you are upright.”

With this increased need to manage my health, and with continued interest in natural healing arts, I earn my CMT certification at the Acupressure Institute of California, and later become a student-practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I have been practicing self-acupressure for over two decades and has taught self-acupressure classes in Northern California, Georgia and Delaware.

I believe the daily practice of acupressure has helped me continue to do the things I enjoy, including rigorous physical activity. In 2010, I promoted to third-degree black belt rank, Pu Sa ba Nim in Kuk Sool Won a traditional martial art. In 2004, I was awarded a Senior Grand Champion in the WKSA regional tournament. I do not believe I would have been able to maintain this physical activity without the simple daily application of the profound acupressure healing arts.  The personal benefits go far beyond relieving low back pain.

Through my classmates and students over the years, I also learned my story is not unique.

I hope you find something on this site today that can help you thrive.